Hello and thanks for visiting my blog! Shortly after I got my first dog (as an adult) in 2006 my friend Shannon suggested I start a blog to share stories about his antics. So I can thank my late, great, lizard-chasing, sometimes grouchy pup Oliver for getting me into this hobby.

While all those previous entries existed on a private blog for personal reasons, I’ve decided, as of the arrival of 2017, to be a bit braver and share my thoughts more openly. My blog now goes beyond my four legged friends. Here’s where I share observations and thoughts about day-to-day humor and challenges, adventures with my current dog Harlow, being a type one diabetic, friends, family, art, creativity, photography, food, travels…you get the idea.

I hope you enjoy this somewhat narcissistic project.

P.S. The title comes from a nickname my dad had for me when I was a kid – Cydney Beans. I was in college before I realized it was a play on “kidney beans”. (I swear I’m intelligent).


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