To Do List

With the arrival of 2018, I decided to start an official To Do List. I think this may be a list of things that are big and ambitious, as well as small everyday things I want to include more of in my life.

For inspiration I did a search for “bucket list” and came across this site. So I used it as a baseline and to get ideas going. It’s interesting to be reminded how much my job as a newspaper photographer exposed me to so many cool things. Most of the things on the list are as a result of my job (do they still count?).

Here are some things I still want to do, either long-term or day-to-day

  • visit Thula Thula or safari in Africa
  • Albuquerque Balloon Festival
  • see stalactites and stalagmites
  • visit Morrocco
  • visit the Galapagos Islands
  • visit the White House (at a better time)
  • Visit the Memorial for Peace and Justice, and the Legacy Museum in Montgomery AL
  • eat at a farm to table restaurant outdoors
  • see the Northern Lights
  • see the grand canyon
  • drive the coast of CA
  • visit Seattle
  • Visit Portland OR
  • visit a temple in a foreign country
  • commit an act of kindness to a stranger
  • smoke from a hookah pipe
  • give blood
  • visit a cranberry bog
  • take more cooking classes in foreign countries
  • make ice cream
  • make cheese
  • make a gingerbread house (decorating one is close enough I think!)
  • eat at a pitch black restaurant
  • learn a line dance
  • attend a live recording of a podcast I like
  • Find the negatives from when I photographed Bill and Hillary Clinton! (long gone on a zip drive that won’t read anymore)
  • walk on a black sand beach
  • See the baby elephants at DSWT in Kenya
  • zip-line
  • play Escape the Room
  • fly in hot air balloon
  • fly on a trapeze
  • explore a cave
  • tell a story at a Moth Radio Hour
  • ride an ATV
  • ride a waverunner
  • feed/touch/visit a chimpanzee
  • relax in a natural hot spring
  • swim with manatees or sea turtles
  • go on a whale watch
  • get published?
  • be an extra in a movie, or a member of a studio audience
  • be a Big Sister in the BBBS program (Click on “Little Sister” tag in the footnotes)
  • ride a bike across a major bridge (Golden Gate?)
  • see Hamilton
  • stand under a waterfall
  • attend or host a murder mystery dinner
  • Ride in a helicopter
  • Ride a horse (on the beach?)  Done with Libby in FL Feb 26, 2018

And here are the things from her list, and things I thought of myself, that I’ve already done (and were worth writing down)…

  • photograph a president (Bill and Hillary Clinton, and George W Bush)
  • been in a shelter during a hurricane
  • fly in a biplane (while on assignment for The Cleveland Plain Dealer)
  • Ride in a bucket of a fire truck (also on assignment)
  • snorkel
  • get a henna tattoo
  • police ride along
  • ride in a sailboat
  • attend a rodeo (must find that negative, too!)
  • hike in Muir Woods
  • have a crepe in Paris
  • feed a giraffe
  • ride a horse (it wasn’t a good experience so I plan on adding it to the new To Do list with hopes for a better one
  • ride in a boat with manatee nearby
  • take a guitar class
  • throw pottery on a wheel (my family members have lots of heavy ugly mugs to prove it)
  • learn to silversmith
  • learn to watercolor
  • built something out of wood
  • learn how to garden
  • view bioluminescence (Puerto Rico)
  • take a self-defense class
  • march in a protest
Women’s March on Washington with Shannon. Jan 2017
  • teach a photography class
  • learn to sew
  • skinnydip
  • learn to play trombone
  • attend a music festival
  • participate in a street painting festival
  • attend a renaissance faire
  • attend a poetry reading
  • learn how to block print
  • go to a drive in movie
  • go to a dog racetrack (not by choice)
  • go to a paint party
  • join a flash mob
  • see a famous person play tennis (George Bush vs. Chris Evert at a charity game)
This is my photo! Not sure why it’s on a stock photo site now but, there you have it!
  • get Thai massage (curiously enough it was in Croatia)
  • dye hair purple
  • go to a psychic
  • have my tea leaves read
  • eat pig/lamb from a spit
  • go tea tasting
  • eat lobster ice cream
  • drink from a fresh coconut
  • take a cooking class (in Nice, France and Barcelona)
  • learn to juggle
  • be present at a birth (twice!)
  • ride in an airboat
  • visit an alligator farm
  • touch a starfish in Monterey (I’m not sure it was legal but I didn’t know at the time)
  • ski in the Swiss Alps (doesn’t totally count since I was a grumpy hormonal unappreciative 12 year old at the time, but it did happen)
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