Tree Cutting Season

I texted Little’s mom about our December outing, suggesting either the Big Brother Big Sister Holiday party, (which was a bust for us last year), or bringing Little along with my parents and me to cut down the Scott family Christmas tree. “I’ve always wanted to go see that!” her mom responded, “Please take her to do that!”

So Little joined us on a little road trip to Newburyport to a tree farm we go to every year. We passed the drive time with word games and guessing games; asking yes or no questions until we could name the animal the person was thinking of.

Once we arrived at the tree far, Little and Dad walked ahead and found the perfect one. It was huge! So, we cut the huge tree down, which no one will be taking because it’s so huge, and we cut off the top two-thirds and use that as our tree.

After cutting down the tree, securing it to the roof, giving belly rubs to all the passing puppies headed to help their humans pick out trees, we went to a deli closer to home for lunch. It was a delightful time, and Little had a blast.

A few weeks later, her family came a long to see the tree be lit at our annual party. I won’t share photos of her family here since I didn’t ask for permission, but here’s the beautiful tree!

On Monday, Dec 22, I left work a bit early and picked Little up. She came back to my place for some gingerbread house decorating. I had done some research and found the smartest thing to do was to glue gun the houses together ahead of time, since the kit’s icing hardly holds anything on. I’m so glad I did because it was even tough to get the candies to stick!

It was peaceful and so fun, humming along to Christmas music, very focused on our houses for a solid hour.

After completing our architectural feats, I made some raviolis and we exchanged gifts. Technically, BBBS doesn’t allow gift giving but let’s be real, people, it’s happening.

A while back, Little had told me all about the book called Wreck This Journal. She was all excited about it, so with her mom’s permission that’s what I got her along with some other little items. She came unglued, so I think it was a good call! And as someone who’s journaled for a long time (which turned into blogging) I like the idea that she may be trying it out too, even though the book is mostly about doing something physically to the book (tear this page and weave the stripes together, makes fingerprints on this page, etc).

Little gave me this pretty letter “C” with mirrors mosaic on it, a carved elephant (“It’s from Indiana!” she proclaimed excitedly, before spotting the large tag from its neck and correcting herself “Oh! I mean India!”), and a wonderful piece of artwork made my her which is now prominently displayed in my home.

During our drive home, I mentioned to Little that I often go grocery shopping late at night, joking, “And if I don’t have a date for Saturday night, why not?”

This brought up the topic of boys, she announcing, thankfully, that she’s too young for them. Then adding “and anyway, Fries before Guys!”

I appreciate her priorities.

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