I had a video chat with my friend Shannon today and one of the many things we talked about was our intentions and goals for 2020 (we both feel resolutions are not for us. Talk about setting yourself up for failure!).

I like to write early in the New Year to get myself thinking about what’s to come and reflecting on the year that just passed. I do have some of my own intentions, including throwing a wider social net, talking to more strangers, being more gracious when considering what I would typically see as someone being an idiot, more exercise, etc.

I may use the following prompts to get myself thinking some more, but I thought I’d share what I found in a search today in case you’d like to use them too!

CLICK HERE FOR 4 New Year’s Writing Prompts

CLICK HERE for One Week of Writing Prompts

CLICK HERE for 10 Questions on New Year’s Eve A way to reflect on the past year.

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