Back to Work Blues

I’m not gonna lie. I’m having a hard time today.

Taking almost a full two weeks off from work was amazing. I had time to connect with friends, do some projects, spend time with family, walk my dog, do some baking. My sleep schedule shifted completely and I went to bed at 1AM or so and woke after 9 towards the end of my time off.

It’s been a long time since I’ve slept well. My back hurts sometimes, I wake up and can’t fall back to sleep, my pump buzzes about some nonsense and wakes me, you name it. I started taking some Unisom for sleep help and it made a huge difference.

Fun fact – Unisom is basically Benadryl, so if you need help sleeping, Benadryl is probably cheaper and it’s the same stuff. I know, weird right?

This entry was long and belly-aching, so I deleted all of it and will instead share about some of my efforts to produce less trash and recycle more in my home.

My friend Nirvi, who I got to see along with her husband and baby during the break, gave me some beeswax wraps which I have already used for produce and for getting my chocolate chip muffin into work today for my breakfast. How nice to not use cling wrap or a plastic bag!

She also gave me some reusable make-up remover pads, kind of like these which I have already used and washed once. It’s a great way to get rid of cotton make-up pads which are one-time use and then thrown out, and I had fun trying to figure out how to accommodate the little mesh bag the pads came with. The mesh bag is where you put the pads when you’re done using them, and then you can zip up the bag and throw it in the laundry to use them all over again!

Here’s how I made the bag easily accessible…

I also got a bee in my bonnet about the lovely smelly candles I have. I’ll let me first DIY video explain…

My mom got me some reusable produce bags and Nirvi did the same so I have a nice collection! I’ve already been using them, and last night tried them for my bulk items too. ‘Worked great!

On the left is a smaller candle I made once the medium-sized one I first made burned down. I found the middle sized one didn’t burn very evenly, so I thought I’d try a smaller container. So far so fine.

I also read recently that you can recycle tinfoil (who knew? I did not!), and my Mom and Dad also gifted me some bar shampoo this Christmas, so once I’m through all my existing bottles of shampoo, I’ll be giving that a try. I have been using a bar hair conditioner which works well, and I’m happy to be buying less plastic for a bit.

I also plan on replacing all my pump hand soap with bars once I’m done with the pump hand soap I have now

The other thing I’m doing is adding tissues and paper towels to my composting bin. When you start doing that, you really realize how many tissues you go through. In truth, too many to counter the produce I add to the composting bin, but still, it’s a start.

Now here’s a cute photo of Harlow to finish off this entry. I had just brushed her, and her smirk makes me giggle. Sweet girl.

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