Food and Murals and Grads, Oh My!

I’ve found that with more time on my hands I actually enjoy cooking! It’s been a decent discovery. And since I’m just cooking for myself, so the pressure for perfection is off. Here’s some stuff I’ve made recently.

I made another mural last weekend. I don’t love it as much as the phoenix, but I still enjoyed making it, and I like the sentiment. It’s been fun to overhear people talking about it when I sit on the porch and they don’t know I’m there. No compliments or criticisms, but just observations that “hey they did a new mural! There used to be a Phoenix there!


The day when graduation should have taken place came and went. I visited campus a bit around that time and photographed quite a few students who came to campus on their own to shoot photos of themselves to commemorate the occasion.

Here’s some other stuff unrelated to graduation or work…

I’m also dabbling in making ice cream. I think this comes from not being able to get my favorite very easily. I found a recipe for espresso chip ice cream and learned the hard way (eating some at night) that the recipe needs work to lower the caffeine it it! But it was fun to make and also learn about chips! When you put regular baking chips into ice cream, the results it really hard chocolate that you can’t taste too much. It’s waxy. I learned that if you melt the baking chips, then spread the melted chocolate out on a sheet and freeze it, the chocolate melts easier in your mouth when you break it up and add it to your ice cream!

Libby caught wind of my ice cream making and sent me this beautiful book! I used some of its techniques on the next batch – ginger! You have to slice up really ginger and steep it on boiling water, then you steep it in the cream. That technique, I got from the book, then I added pulverized ginger from a tube in my fridge, and I chopped up some candied ginger too. Yum!

I know my writing is a bit lame but sometimes there is nothing and too much going on to know what to write. So, photos it is!

And here are some funny memes fit for the times;

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