Dear Neighbor

Dear Neighbor,

Hi there and happy winter to you!

I came home from work last night to find a ticket from the city and a message informing me that a complaint was made about my not removing snow from the sidewalk bordering my property.

When I first bought my home many years ago a neighbor told me “no one worries about their sidewalks in winter”.  Judging from everyone around me, that seemed to be true. Obviously that it no longer the case, which is perfectly fine, of course.

I’m happy to be more consistent in clearing the sidewalk. It is a bit challenging at times, because the plows tend to put the snow from the entire intersection on my corner – but I will make a better effort for sure.

Despite my large and rather…opinionated dog, Harlow, I am actually quite friendly and approachable. In the future, I would be grateful if your concerns were mentioned to me directly, rather than reporting me to the city. A note in my mailbox will do, or you can shoot me an email at

And by the way, I apologize if Harlow barks at you as you walk by. I promise I am trying hard to curb this behavior. Like the rest of us, she’s a work-in-progress. I invite you to holler a “Hi, Harlow!” as you pass by. It may quiet her.

I take great pride in my home and my property, and I hope to chat with you more in the new year.

Your neighbor,

PS  If you’re the snow angel who often snow blows well beyond your property line – thank you SO MUCH! Your thoughtfulness does not go unnoticed!

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