Nice Neighbor and the Alternative Snow Bunny

Today was a snow day. We got really walloped! I hung out inside all day as the snow came down and the wind pushed everything all over, just hangin in my robe. Around 4, I went out to do the first shoveling pass. I needed to be thorough after the incident of which I do not speak. (OK, you can read about it here. And then the follow-up here.)

It’s pretty massive job. I don’t have a driveway, which is great, but I do live on a corner, so the sidewalk I have to cover is long, and includes a ramping corner curb to the street which also needs to be cleared. As I made my way around the path on my property, I could hear over the loud whir of the snowblowers and scraping of shovels on concrete, jovial talking up the street. There were my neighbors, chatting each other up and helping each other out. I felt…wistful isn’t the word, but kind of. I wanted to go talk to them all. Just say hello. I would like very much to be friendly with my neighbors. But I had a task to finish, and, oh yeah, I hadn’t brushed my teeth at all today. So, I went on with my task.

It was then I realized that one of my neighbors, head-to-toe in Carhart, was making his way towards my quasi-cleared path with his snowblower.

Oh my god, is he coming my way? Is he going to do a section of MY sidewalk? Oh, please please please! Be cool, Cyd, be cool. I stayed cool, and kept shoveling. He cleared about a quarter of the way around my house before turning around and heading back. I went up to him, and because of the roar of the snowblower, tapped him on the shoulder. As he turned slightly, I threw my arms around him in a bear hug.img_1744

He gave me a serious and controlled “You’re welcome” and continued on with his business and being a sidewalk hero.

Shortly after I finished my shoveling, I was in the yard playing with Harlow when I
saw him passing by again, snowblowing the rest of my sidewalk. All the way around you guys!  I may an independent, capable single woman living alone and fairing just fine, but that kindness is so appreciated.

Looks like I will be baking some thank you cookies this weekend!

Nighttime Toy Seeking from C.M. Scott on Vimeo.

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