Peacock-a-doodle Dooo!

I’m back in Florida and Shannon and I enjoyed another successful Lake Worth Street Painting Festival. It’s really fun to have this set event to motivate our annual pilgrimage.

I didn’t love the location we were given as it was a small side street which not much to look at when you needed a break, and within our designated square were two poorly filled potholes which require a bit of maneuvering on our part. Ultimately, we just changed our 7×7 space to 5×7 and it worked fine for us.

We started in the shade and it wasn’t long before the hot sun began to creep in. Something Shannon loves (“I want to crisp!” were I believe her words) and I hate (“HOT sun makes me grouchy!”)

We did fine, and our colorful piece was simple enough, and once we got the base drawing down, finishing was easy, and we were off to lunch by 12:30. We’re pretty sure this was a record this year. Part of me wished we’d done something a bit more challenging, but today I am super sore from crawling around and pretzelling myself up. I’ll have to let enough time pass so that I don’t remember the day-after discomfort, and then I can considering proposing a harder piece next year.

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