Harlow’s Impressive Mutthood

Today I got the results for Harlow’s breed test and I admit I’m experiencing some buyer’s remorse. I had hoped to have this test done (you buy it online, swab her cheek, send it in, and they crosscheck with over 8,000 breeds) to learn, quite simply what the make-up is of my shaggy, intelligent, long-legged wacko of a pet. What contributes to her being her?

Drumroll, please

Not surprisingly, 62% of her is mixed breeds from various groups. The results list the breeds in those groups in order of their strength within her genetic mutt make-up;

Terrier Group – Chihuahua (hilarious), Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier, Standard Schnauzer, Russell Terrier, Miniature Pinscher.

Herding Group – Australian Cattle Dog, Border Collie (the only breed I suspected was in there), German Shepherd Dog, Great Pyrenees

Middle Eastern and African groups – Afghan Hound (well, she has their aloof thing down), Basenji, Saluki, Rhodesian Ridgeback

Sporting Group – Cocker Spaniel, Golden Retriever, Poodle, Weimaraner

Outside of her impressive melting pot of varying breeds, she is 25% American Staffordshire Terrier. That is the most of one breed she has in her, and she bears zero resemblance to them.

The website says “The American Staffordshire Terrier can trace its roots all the way back to the nineteenth century in England…” blah blah blah. I’m bored. And you’ll never hear me say “Oh, that’s the American Staffordshire Terrier in her!” Who has time for that many words?

The funny one, to me, is the fact that the other “major” breed found in her is Saint Bernard, which makes up 12.5% of her genetic mutthood.

So there you have it. In my opinion it provides zero help. I was hoping for more clarity. Something like, Harlow is 40% Bearded Collie, 25% pony, and 35% Animal from the Muppets.

Now that I could have worked with.




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