Tonight’s Walk

I spent a lot of money on a stupid fancy harness with buckles too complicated to be remotely time efficient. I’ll be returning that one. If Harlow’s going to pull no matter what, it might as well be while wearing a cheaper rig, for Christ’s sake!

Sometimes she makes me so mad I want to kick her in the teeth. It’s not nice but whatever, it’s honest. When we pass other dogs during our walk I just don’t know how she’ll be. I get really tense, give the other dog owner a friendly “hi!” and keep Harlow on a short leash so she can say high but not pounce at the other dog. She always pounces anyway. She yanks me to them while she gets all up in their grill. I don’t know if it’s an intimidation thing, or if she’s just rude.

When she all barky and not all tail-wags, I find it hard to believe that she’s acting in fear. I’m pretty sure she’s just being a jerk. I don’t remember her being like this in the past so it’s so discouraging to deal with it now.

I don’t kick her, just to clarify. I breathe, I keep walking, and I might cry a little bit (but it’s not a lot I swear! I’m not crying YOU’RE crying!)

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