Brain Fog

Yesterday I revisited a classroom where I shot photos last week. I needed IDs of people in the class and knew that showing in person would be easiest, in addition to another opportunity to shoot some more if the class lent itself to that. It didn’t, but the class did take a break at which point I was able to wander around and get info.

I’ve been dealing with some serious cluttered brain lately. I’m finding myself struggling to find words, and confusing some words and phrases with others. For example, the other day, I meant to say to a friend about someone else “She’s a Trump voter”. What came out was, I kid you not, “Toblerone”.

Now, Toblerone is delightful. I really love it, but it is not the thing I meant to say or even close to it.

After dying my hair, I wondered to myself if other people in my office (who have been doing cool hair dying for far longer than I) would think I was a “tattle tale”. Wait no, that’s not what I mean…copy cat.

I’ve had some med changes lately and while it’s nothing major, I’m sure it’s one of the reasons for this stumped brain problem I’ve been having. It is paired with a desire to eat EVERYTHING I SEE AND THINGS I DON’T SEE. Most of the time after I eat, I feel horrible. So, I’m aware that what I’m eating may not be helping.

I wrapped up collecting names and other info from the students, slipped out the door, and put my earbuds in to continue listening to The Brain Fog Fix. It’s one of these Improve Your Entire Life In Three Weeks! books which I have no interest in, in truth. I am however, interested in what small food changes I can make (more fish in my diet, more veggies, more organic, etc), to help me feel better.

I was walking for about seven minutes on my way back tot he office before I realized something felt weird. I feel light. What is that? Then I noticed – I had my belt pack on filled with lenses, but no camera weighing down my shoulder. I’d left it int he classroom.

I trudged back to the classroom, laughing to myself because if there is any class in which to leave a multi-thousand dollar piece of camera gear, it’s the School of Theology’s class called Evangelism and Contemporary Cultures, which is a class for divinity students who aspire to lead churches.

That gear isn’t going anywhere.

I’ve continued to listen to The Brain Fog Fix and this morning got to the chapter on The Big Revolutionary Week of Change or whatever it’s called, in which the author/doctor starts to outline what readers will be doing for the first, second, and third week to be rid of their brain fog for good!

“For your first week” his voice lectures into my ear, “You will eat only omega-3 protein, vegetables, and no sugar or flour at all

And that’s when I decided that I’ve gotten out of this book all that I will get out of it. Exercise more, eat healthier, cut down on treats? That I can do. But there’s no way I’m doing crazy stuff like removing entire section of the food pyramid (I call “diabetic!”), foggy brain or not.


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