Queazy Uneasy

I was looking at BU Today this morning when I saw at the bottom of the site, a link to this story. 

A year ago I went with colleagues to Martha’s Vineyard to shoot stills for the story. It was a really nice time. The people I was working with were good company, we found a lovely Air BnB to stay in while we where there, and the picturesque surroundings were a great break from the city and made for an ideal shooting environment.

I like these photos, but when I look at them, I can’t help but think of what a hard time I was having personally. An important person in my life was drifting away and I knew it. I was lucky, really, to have a shoot that required my focus and attention at that time considering.

It’s a weird thing to do a job that documents the world, but also makes markers. You look at something and think I can’t believe I made it through that shot with X, Y, and Z happening in my life, or Oh, yeah! I shot that right before going on vacation!

The pictures look one way and I felt another.


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