Memorial Day Weekend Recap

(Sidenote – here’s the photos I took of Big Papi but in better quality)

This weekend I did some yardwork and then headed west to the Berkshires to hang out with Meg and her clan of fun.

Now that Shannon is in western MA, I get to see her more often too. She joined Meg and I on Friday night and we went and saw The Happy Film at the Berkshire Film Festival. It was a really interesting movie, not only from a topic standpoint, but the design of it is completely amazing. We got a bite to eat afterwards and ended the night with some ice cream, which I basically make Meg do every night I’m there when I come to visit because it’s so good and it’s my personal mission to make Meg eat more.

I returned Sunday and did some more yardwork. I’ve been researching how to maintain lilac bushes and so I cut them back last night. Some of the old trunk just came right out of the ground when I pulled because it had been cut back so long ago that it was rotten. I had no idea these things needed trimming. Learn something new every day I guess!

(Click to enlarge. Entry continues below photos)

While I was off doing my thing, Harlow was having a blast with my dog walker, who was hosting a bunch of dogs “I have SEVEN dogs here. Three “princesses”, a big brute, two tiny dogs one of which has cardiac disease and the other just had her ear removed to excise a mass cell tumor. Everyone is happy and safe” she told me, adding “(Yes, Harlow is in my princess category along with Maya and Josie lol)”

I joked that I’d always thought Harlow was more of a tomboy. I was just glad she was behaving.

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