1. On Friday I was out for dinner with my friend Ben. We ate outside on a patio and at one point a group of teenage girls walked by eating ice cream cones. Only, out of the corner of my eye I thought one of them had a giant King Richards Fair-style turkey leg. The I realized, nope, just ice cream.
  2. This past weekend was hot. Harlow has been panting like crazy and not even my pupcicles seem to cool her down. Her fur trimmer got stuck in her fur when I gave them a quick go at her about a week ago. I consulted with the interwebs and learned that I could sharpen the blade on my own using a sharpening block. Something new every day! Thank you, interwebs! Blade sharpened, I gave Harlow a good brushing, put the half inch blade cover on the clippers and lo and behold, they cut through that fur like buttah! Not so excellent was when the blade cover popped off without me noticing, and I shaved a streak down her back. I told her it’s where we will park our MatchBox cars and she seemed satisfied with that answer.


3. And also, this is the state of my yard right now. I hired Fabiano to rent a massive tiller and go at the area under my tree. And then, the dirt became such an issue (he’s building levels later this week), that I had to put up a crazy looking fence to keep Harlow out. The amount of stone unearthed is insane, not to mention the arm-width sized chunks of root!


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