Misc Photos

I’m taking a break from photo editing monotony to share a few photos.

This past weekend I hosted my annual mini session event. As my first clients arrived, we watched as the fog rolled in from the ocean in Salem, overtook the park we were in, and never left. My clients were cool about it, but I can’t believe at this point in my career I had to deal with a challenge I’d never faced yet!


Harlow’s crazy eyelashes


Growing grass in my heavily shaded yard has been a chore. My poor lilac “bushes” have started to yellow from so much watering. Now that the grass is looking hearty, I think I can back off on babying it. (click on photos to enlarge)


Just last night I got home from my photo shoot and felt like digging. So, I did. I have this mini garden at the back of my carport. It has an awkward border on the right side, which I only recently noticed would be good to adjust. So I did. I pulled out the phlox and added it tot he front of the house where the current phlox are dying, it would appear. I moved the hosta and then the rock. I hope that I can put some grass seed in on that right side, but we’ll see about success since this is the side of the yard where Harlow has free reign. (click to enlarge photos above).


I shot this photo for BU Today a few weeks ago, and the below photo is a closeup form the same visit to the rock. Pretty cool!



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