I managed to get some grass to grow in the heavily shaded section of my yard! I’d received an atrocious estimate from a landscaper to treat and sod the area. It was in the thousands. I decided to wait on it.

Maybe I would just put gravel down in the area? I wasn’t sure. Though I did know that after all the hard work I put into the mowing strip, I didn’t want to end up with just gravel in that area.

Then I decided that since I’d bought topsoil already and had seed for heavily shaded areas, I’d try to grow a patch. I scraped at the existing soil which was hard as a rock and added a bit of topsoil. Then I spread seed, raked it in, seeded again, and covered that with topsoil.

While is didn’t look perfect, it worked. So, over the last few weeks I’ve added new sections. Here are the results!

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