I Guess It Is A Small World

Yesterday I visited the Crkva sv. Ignacija (Church of St Ignatius of Loyola). My main motivation, admittedly, was the fact that the baroque stairs leading up to the church were used in a major scene from, you guessed it, Game of Thrones. The church itself was very dark, so I didn’t get a good sense of it, but as I left the church, I saw a woman and her husband heading in. I stopped them, “Do you speak english?” I asked her.


“Were you in Mostar yesterday?” I asked her.

“Yes! How did you know that!?” she smiled, amazed at my wizardry. I told them that two days ago my friend and I were sitting having coffee when she and her husband ambled by, and my friend admired out loud (to me) the woman’s trench coat. “Then, ” I continued, “when we were in a shop in the old town of Mostar (two and a half miles from Dubrovnik) yesterday I saw the two of you walk by again!”  I didn’t tell her, but she was easily recognizable because a pregnant belly paired with the trench coat.

We laughed at the coincidence and got to know each other a bit. Shawn and Jordan are from Maine. Jordan works for some kind of exchange student program and they have two conferences a year – one somewhere in the US and the other overseas somewhere (please hire me). We wrapped up out chat and I went on my way, telling Libby all about it when I caught up with her later.

This morning, we got a roughly ten minute ride to a hotel where we were to pick up our rental car to head to Split for the next leg of our adventure. As we pulled in to one of many hotels in Dubrovnik, who should walk out of the hotel as we walked in? Shawn and Jordan!

We spotted each other and laughed at the odds of this happening. I mean, it’s off-season and there aren’t many people here but still, as we drove to this hotel, we passed many just like them, and they were at this same hotel, leaving as we were coming in?

After we got our car key and morning coffee at the bar in the hotel, we headed out to the rental and who was standing there waiting to get out (because our rental car was blocking them in)? The couple from Michigan who we met our second night in Dubrovnik while having dinner at Otto Taverna.



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