Travel Anxiety

I’ve been struggling to fall asleep before 1:30AM, or sleep in in the mornings during this trip. May be the time zone thing. And also that I’m on vacation. In another country. My sugars have been in good control despite the fact that I have probably eaten far more than we are walking off. In fact, while I am tired from the roaming at the end of each day, we are not getting near the mileage we put on our shoes last year.

But still I eat.

I’ll have some salads when I get home. It’ll be fine.

I woke very early and very hungry and it finally occurred to me that my sugars might be dropping. So I got up, ate half a banana, crawled back into bed with a shirt over my eyes (ant bit of light is another reason I can’t sleep), and woke up again at 9:40. 9:40!

I had to remind myself that we are on vacation and it’s OK to sleep in. There are things to see, but they will still be there if we show up and hour later.

It’s the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) that is the problem when traveling for me, but there is no fun in seeing new places if I let myself get all in a tizzy about getting going. I don’t like the way it makes me feel about myself, and I don’t like how my mood is towards the other person (I felt better after a leisurely coffee).

Traveling after Daylight Savings Time has resulted in us losing an hour of light as well, which I think I keep parked in the back of my mind as well. A good lesson for future trips;  Leave a week earlier than we did this year. And today we learned that Split is a very small place, so in the end, seeing it didn’t require more than a few hours.

Traveling with another person can be really challenging, but I think Libby and I take on the What’s next? and the Do you want to go into this store? and the Where do we eat now?  questions that come up 47 times every day rather well. I think it’s a mutual respect thing and the awareness that we are both humans with our own ways of doing things and are doing our best to meet in the middle.

Six days with someone is a long time. I’m not married, and I knew fully that as I felt myself getting short-tempered today, it had nothing to do with Libby, and everything to do with the fact that I do everything alone when I am at home. I eat what I want and when I want, I go where I want, and on and on. It’s actually pretty awesome, but the result is that I’m simply not used to having company for long stretches of time.

Over dinner tonight – the first one that wasn’t mediterranean (turns out it’s incredibly hard to find any food that’s not Croatian – I won’t be having fish and boiled potatoes for a while), I was relieved that she wasn’t offended when I told her I wanted to go for a walk alone after dinner.

We both agreed that we do pretty well together, and she laughed when I told her how I was especially grateful that she doesn’t eat with her mouth open. ‘Cause there’s just no amount of coffee or ice cream that can keep me from going nuts when I’m with someone who does that!



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