The Man in the Hat

Libby and I were seated in our new favorite breakfast spot in Split waiting on our coffee when a dapper man in a nice hat walked into the glass enclosure where we were seated. A fluffy white dog came in at his feet and he asked us in an accent “Do you mind the dog?” We assured him we did not and he took a seat a few tables away.

“Oh, I really wanna photograph him” I whispered to Libby, appreciating the hat/dog combo.

A word on dogs here in Croatia. We saw many dogs during our stay, all of them very beautiful and different from one another. There were no short-haired dogs, lab mixed or pit bulls (though I do recall we saw one short-haired terrier types at one point). We wondered if certain breeds are illegal in Croatia. (A quick Google search found the following; “All bull terrier-type dogs and their crosses (Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier and Miniature Bull Terrier) which do not possess a pedigree issued by the Kennel Club of one of the member countries of the International Canine Organizations (FCI) will not be permitted entry to Croatia” So yeah, that explains it, at least for those coming into the country).

The dogs here were often off-leash and just meandering after their owners in a very behaved manner (must be nice). Especially notable was how beautiful all the dogs were, as though only purebreds were permitted. I don’t recall seeing any dogs that at a glance had you wondering “what breed is that?” It was generally pretty obvious.

Libby and I finished out meal and the gentleman with the dog had been joined by friends when I asked him if he would mind if I photographed his dog (this was just a lead-in of course). What I really wanted was a picture of the man with his dog, wearing his hat which he had removed when he first sat down. “May I photograph you with the dog?” I asked.

With a smile he said that he woudln’t mind at all, and then reached for his hat, “but it must be with the hat!”

“Yes, of course!” I agreed.



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