I Don’t Know Where It Went! {shrug}

I tried to convince Shannon this conversation actually happened today. She didn’t buy it, but she was amused, so that’s cool. It is loosely based on fact.

(phone rings…on my birthday) It’s the gynocologist’s office, “Hi, Cydney, remember how you came for your dreaded annual visit a few weeks ago and we said you didn’t have to have pap test and you were super excited to not have your insides probed with a wire brush of torture?”

“Yeah, I remember, because I was pretty psyched to skip it!”

“Yeah, about that…um…well, the doctor made a mistake and you do need one, so when can your daily life and general comfort be inconvenienced so you can come in yet again and have your insides probed with a wire pipe cleaner?”

“….It’s missing!”

“I’m sorry?”

“Yeah…my vagina…it’s missing….so weird right?…I just woke up the other day and it wasn’t there anymore….So I guess I don’t need to have the test done then, huh? I guess thatsettlesthatthenbye!”

Hangs-up quickly.

It could’ve happened. (The conversation…not the missing bits part, that’s just ridiculous)


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