Beach and Berkshires!

My week-long not long enough vacation started off delightfully. Ben and I made our way to the Hatchshell in Boston to watch Thor on the big screen for an outdoor movie Friday night. Saturday morning, I took my Little Sister to the beach. Talking in the past about places she’d like to go and things she’s like to do (“Meet Harlow!” Always meet Harlow – that’s on our list!), the beach was a reoccurring theme. Since it kept coming back and wasn’t just a phase, I decided I’d bite the bullet and take her. I went to Target the night before and bought beach toys for making a sandcastle, and I found a beach scavenger hunt online and printed it out for her. I packed up some snacks, picked her up and we went to Revere Beach.

We even made it into the water which was impressive considering how cold it was (to me) in addition to the sea of red seaweed we had to wade through first. She lured me in with ease. It’s hard to say no to someone who takes such joy from simple things like waves!

I talked with Meg a few days later about spending time my Little Sister in the water. “Do you dare me to dunk all the way under?” she’d say, somehow challenging me to challenge her. Though I knew no daring was needed – she was up for it. She’d grab on to my hands when a “big” wave came, and squeal when the cold hit her. I hate the beach pretty much, but it was fun to see her get such joy out of something to simple!

The next day I left for a visit with Meg and her family in the Berkshires. We went to Umpachene Falls where I almost swam near a waterfall (too cold!), visited their community pool, and I did a project with the kids. Meg and I got a dinner out, a good long hike, and even got in a few episodes of the ridiculous but amusing show GLOW. Not in that order. And ice cream. Always ice cream!

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