Travel Plans

I’m sitting in a Starbucks about a block away from an elementary school where a photo shoot was to take place at 9am. When I arrived I was told I was misinformed about the time and the athletes coming to read to the kids would not be there until 10:20.

I’m such a painfully impatient person that I considered bailing completely and meeting up for the reading program again tomorrow.

But I’m sticking it out, folks, with the help of a hot tea, WiFi, a chocolate croissant, and a silly story to tell.

Last night Libby and I finalized plans for my February visit to Florida. I will arrive in West Palm Beach on a Thursday. Shannon and I will do our annual street painting festival amazingness on Saturday (an octopus this year!), and on Monday, Libby and will drive together to the west coast of the state to take a tour during which we will get to SWIM WITH MANATEE!!!!

I want to snuggle it!

I’m very excited about this and was pleased to learn that the tour includes only six people at a time. I don’t like the idea of the sweet sea cows being stressed all day by people all up in their space.

On Tuesday, the day after our tour, Libby will drop me off at Orlando airport to fly back to Boston, on her way back to WPB.

So last night I looked into buying two separate flights. I searched and searched on multiple websites for the best deals and the shortest travel times. Starting with the outgoing flight I first bought my ticket for a day in January.

Did I mention this trip is in February?

Fortunately I bought directly from the Delta site and could change it immediately and pay only the difference in the cost of the tickets. So I corrected the date and bought a ticket for myself out of Tampa.

Did I mention I’m flying out of ORLANDO?!

I could do nothing but laugh at the absurdity of my poor, late-night purchasing skills (Did I mention I was was doing all this at midnight?)

Cydney Scott; Making good choices since 1976

I made it all right and I then decided to be brave and get my other ticket. This not only went more smoothly but I actually took the time, which I have never done before, to look up those frequent flyer miles thingies in my Delta account. What are these miles of which you speak?

I had to do some serious digging to figure out how to actually claim the miles. They don’t make that easy. But once I did, I had enough miles collected that my flight from Boston to West Palm Beach was free!


Who would have thought that my brain was capable of BOTH making major errors and succeeding at free flight sleuthing all in one night.

Actually, I’m not terribly surprised at that. It’s sort of my thing- dumb mistakes with a side of momentary “brilliance”.

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