Birthday Rebellion

Little’s birthday was last month while I was away in Florida. To let her know I was thinking about her I sent her a dorky little video of me through her mom, wishing her a happy birthday. I got one back and it was adorable and made my day.

We had an extra special outing last weekend to celebrate her turning nine. I picked her up and we first went to Wegmans grocery store, b-lining to the bulk candy isle. I let her choose three different types of candy and later taught her the important skill of not being taken to the cleaners by the movie theater’s insane candy prices (and lack of choices).

Next we went for lunch at Regina’s pizza. We ordered her favorite – pepperoni – and I gave her a present to open while we waited for the pizza to arrive. Technically I’m not allowed to buy her anything but I figure a book is at least something somewhat educational, so I went ahead and bought a few. I can’t do birthdays without gifts. Sorry Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Mass Bay.

Seeing as she’s only nine and has limited life experience, there are lulls in our conversation. I pulled out my phone at one point and looked up a list of questions I’d found a while back. Conversation starters to try with kids. Something beyond “How do you like school?”

I found a great list with questions like What are three words you would use to describe yourself? and If we could only have one holiday – which one would you pick? and Which is better to be – funny or honest?

For some of these, I actually typed in the answers she gave me back in, I believe, August. It was interesting to compare. For example, she used to think she’d like to fly as her superpower, but that has now changed to “do things fast”.

The one I found most interesting was how her answer to If you went to another planet – what would you bring with you? changedSix months ago she answered “a dog and a computer!”  This time she answered “I’d collect oxygen, water, internet to call for help, board game”.

From there we headed over to the movie theater. The parking garage contains lights above the parking spaces. She noticed them and I told her “It’s red if the space isn’t available, and green if it’s open”. And as we walked out she said “They have those in China except they work.”

She’s probably right.

We settled into our giant seats, leaned back, dug piles of candy out of my bag, and enjoyed the movie. I was a bit nervous that she was bored by it, but perhaps her fidgetiness was simply the overabundance of sugar I gave her?


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