The Happy Place

Another outing with Little, this time into Boston to visit The Happy Place, a traveling installation which is basically a teenage girl Instagrammer’s dream (lots of fluffy and colorful backdrops made for making selfies with your friends).

I picked her up at her home and drove to the nearest T station to take the subway in. From the back seat, she said something about my hair color. It has faded over time, my purple, and she said she still thinks it looks cool. I told her “I’m going on vacation next week so I’ll be dying it purple again before I go” Right now it’s faded and kind of gray. More My Little Pony mane purple than superhero purple.

Little knew about my frustrations with my hair from my last visit, and I laughed when she supportively advised “Just DON’T go to that lady who dyed it last time!”

Good advice.

She continues to impress me with her patience and good-nature. There were many times today when it was needed; when the pay app for the parking wouldn’t load in my phone and it took some time to get the parking paid for, when after our visit to The Happy Place we wandered around for a long time looking for a bite to eat (pleasing a nine-year-old’s pallet can be tricky), when I wanted to detour to a Boston souvenir shop to pick up a gift for a host I’ll see next week in Copenhagen (I think the lobster keychain-bottle opener combo is just the right amount of weird and handy, don’t you think?), and another long walk after lunch to reach the subway station.

She took it all in stride, literally, and seemed completely on-board when I would say “It’s an adventure!”

Next week will mark our one year “matchaversary”, so this was an extra special outing

As we sat chowing down on our well-earned tacos, I asked her what her favorite part of the day way.

“Riding the train!”








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