Everything’s Hilarious

There’s a page on Facebook that I follow called Everything’s Free Medford. Many towns have them and they’re pretty great; people can post unwanted stuff, really anything, and other’s who are interested can just claim them and go pick them up from the poster’s home or wherever. It’s a great way to recycle/upcycle. Last year I got rid of a ton of branches (for a firepit or fireplace) that way.

Well the other day, this guy Bill, who is clearly moving or something, made everyone’s day with his laugh-out-loud posts. I have pilfered them here for your enjoyment. Sprinkled throughout Bill’s posts are posts from other people in reaction to his posts. They are almost as amusing.

Reading them makes me think of John. I know he would have gotten an absolute kick out of this guy’s humor, and as I read the posts, I swear I cane hear John laughing.




3 Replies to “Everything’s Hilarious”

  1. Is he single??? I think he would be a great guy to date…not me but maybe you Cydney???????

    love his sense of humor!!!


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