Vacation Day 4

COPENHAGEN•  This morning Lauren headed off to continue her own solo adventure, and Libby and I had a few hours just the two of us. It was nice, even if it was only to pack up our stuff, go to a nice breakfast, meander a bit and part ways ourselves. The breakfast was a delight as always. Libby found it, of course, and one thing is for sure, it doesn’t seem to matter what you order – the plates always look beautiful in Denmark! Flowers often decorate your meal, and there is always something special about it.

For this particular breakfast, Libby had a side of shaved pineapple with mint and pop rocks on top! Yes, the candy, pop rocks. It was indeed a party in your mouth.

After packing up our things and checking out of the Airbnb (such a lovely place!), she headed off to the train station to continue on to Veijle for her food photo conference adventure, and I walked the longest fifteen minutes of my entire life with my wheeled luggage and backpack over cobblestones uphill both ways to go to a coffee shop.

Me with Tormod back in ’83-’84

A bit of back-story before I move forward; During the academic year of 1983-84 I was seven turning eight, and my parents decided to host an exchange student. Tormod (pronounced Tour-moodt) came into our lives and we were changed forever! Actually, I’m kind of kidding because aside from remembering that I liked him a whole lot, I have very little memory of that time in my life. I’m sure it was great fun.

He and I reconnected on Facebook many years ago, and while he is originally from Norway, he now lives in Copenhagen working as a lawyer, walking fast down hallways in his suit with a briefcase in his hand, and slamming his fist on a hardwood table in a courtroom while bellowing “But the events of that day didn’t happen the way you claim, did it Mr. Shufhousen!” {cool glare at the person in the witness stand}

I’m kidding. Tormod doesn’t do courtrooms but he does do corruption and that’s pretty cool too.

I was headed to that coffee shop to meet Tormod. As you might imagine, it was completely surreal to see my brother-for-one-year, but such a nice thing too! We had a quick coffee before going back over to his office so he could get back to work and I could dump my luggage and go explore the city until the workday was done.

When I was with Lauren and Libby, Libby did all the navigating. I never realized how totally distracting actually DOING the navigating is when all you want to do is shoot photos. I spent much of my time after parting ways with Tormod wandering and wondering if the street one block north would be more picturesque. Also, there is so much to do in Copenhagen that narrowing the choices down is overwhelming.

When the first neighborhood I ventured to was uninteresting, I walked 25 minutes back into the center of Copenhagen and got myself a nutritious and delicious hotdog in a baguette. I’d been seeing people eating these things and had to find out what the fuss was all about. I asked to have it like the locals do – with mayo. It was fine. Not amazing but cheap, so that was good. Our tour guide Bryony had told us that the jamming of the hotdog into the baguette was a French influence. Jam it in a baguette – look! It’s French now!

To my frustration, I basically wandered aimlessly for a long time, until I realized I needed a break from the constant stimulation of all the people and city buzz.

When we went to the department store called Magazin the other day in search of perfect bowls for Libby to invest in, I discovered a cafe and restaurant on the top floor. I returned there and enjoyed a quiet sit-down with an iced coffee and a croissant, which they know how to do right here; with ganache inside and not chunks of a chocolate bar like back home.

My legs and feet were tired from days of walking, but the break helped me recharge. I struggled to decide what to do next. What did I have time to do before returning to Tormod’s office at 5? Tormod had suggested Christianhavn, a little neighborhood across the canal and I’m glad I went here. It was more walking walking walking, but it was again less busy than the city and I was able to breathe a bit.

Spending the evening with Tormod was fun and interesting. We were kids when we last knew each other, he was 18 and me ten years younger. Over a “casual” eight-course dinner which included bits of raw cod in a sauce, cooked Iberian ham, a quarter of cooked cabbage, special mushroom dish, and on and on, we talked about our careers, politics, all the places he’s lived and what my life has been like, our families and life experiences.

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