Back to Reality

I think the gravity is stronger in the United States. I woke up this morning after a solid six hours of sleep feeling achey and as though I weigh a hundred pounds more than I did yesterday.

Dad met me at the airport and it was a great welcome to have after such a long return “adventure” home. Harlow greeted me with a bit of vigor, but since then she has seemed out of sorts. Her tummy grumbled so loud this morning that I started to feel hungry. I put some fresh food out but she won’t eat. I have a feeling she’s anxious after all the moving around.

I left the house to get myself an chocolate chip muffin at my favorite local place, and when I came out with my muffin and milk for my coffee, I noticed my tire was completely flat. It had been soft before I left for vacation, so the fact that there is clearly something wrong did not surprise me. In excessive traffic due to heavy road construction, I went to the nearest gas station and added air. I then went inside to find some Fix-a-Flat, the best invention that’s happened since the development of flat tires.

They did not have it, nor did the grocery store which was my next attempt. The third place, a gas station, had some. I figure I’ll use it when the tire gets a bit softer in a few hours and it will buy me a day to deal with the flat.

But the traffic was a nightmare. 7:30 in the morning, construction everywhere and road closings as well. An errand that should have taken no more than 20 minutes took over an hour.

Welcome back, Cydney!

Did I mention it’s dreary and rainy here too?

At least I was smart enough to take today off, and also, I decided to buy a mug by designer Bjorn Wiinblad and I absolutely love it. Just looking at her makes me smile.

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