Warning! Tacky Braggy Blog Post Ahead!

Last night I couldn’t sleep because I thought it would be a good idea to have a cappuccino at 5PM yesterday.

It was not.

As I edited photos at midnight, I absentmindedly reached back to scratch my back and felt a bump. I immediately knew it was a tick. A tick I acquired when I was in Virginia. Five. Days. Ago.

I went to the bathroom and removed it swiftly. Again, because I am an idiot, I threw the thing down the drain (it can be texted for Lyme).

The past month has been weird; an emergency landing in Europe, a misplaced passport and wallet altogether, and a flight canceled. I was pretty calm through all those things, but this had me really unnerved, I have to admit. It still does.

Of course, I can’t help but Google;
Lyme disease in ticks in VA,
Lyme disease Symptoms,
How long before you know you don’t have Lyme disease?
Prophylactic Lyme disease treatment,
Am I going to die or at the very least feel like garbage in the near future tick bite?

The Mayo clinic site did say that you can be given one day of an antibiotic to prevent onset if it’s given within 72 hours of the removal of the tick, so I have a doctor’s appointment in the morning. I feel like my Type One makes me a good candidate for over-treating these situations.

So on to the bragging now that I’ve over-shared. When I got back from my vacation, I shared my story on the Medtronic support page on FB. I was really proud to get such a nice reaction:


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