My weekend was unusually open so I called Meg and invited myself to her place in western MA. It was a quick visit, over one day and back the next, but it was great to see everybody and it was Harlow’s first sleepover somewhere that wasn’t Scott’s End or my parents’ house.

I was really nervous going into it. I have seen too many stories about a “sweet dog” who bit someone’s face off and it’s scarred me for life and has me over-preparing, texting Meg “Please, tell everyone to completely ignore Harlow when we first arrive

My friends are very patient with my dog-related anxiety and in the end Harlow was fine company and a wellish-mannered guest. She’s really not much of a face-removing pup, so that’s good.

The kids did great with her (not surprising), and Aaron, who’s not a dog person was happy to ignore her as i requested (she’s sketchy about men at first). In the afternoon, Harlow did her weird Bite The Grown Man’s Feet When He Tries To Walk Somewhere In His Own Home routine and that was annoying. I gave Aaron a treat to offer her and all was forgiven. Even though he did nothing wrong.

No matter, Aaron was on Team Harlow and vice versa by evening…

Aaron and Vivian with Harlow

I try to arrive with some kind of activity or maybe a meal to share with the gang when i visit. This time, I brought a Giant Bubble recipe and ingredients. On Sunday morning, I mixed some up. It’s a surprisingly satisfying activity! And this kids had fun with it, I think.

Now that I’m back home, here’s a little yard update (There are captions when you click on the pics)

And this is one of the neatest. This is my unhappy dogwood back in May. I showed a photo to Reeli and Billy while I was visiting them in Switzerland, and they said to cut the wimpy parts off.

So I hacked it back when i returned home, and here it is now! It looks more like a dogwood bush, really, but I’m happy it seems better!

And behold, the prettiest flower of them all

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