“Social distancing”
“Flattening the curve”
Terms few of us knew even a week ago. Now it’s everywhere. Just like the virus, it would seem.

I know no one yet who is sick, which I’m grateful for. While people continue to share info (false or true) on Facebook, there is also sharing of wonderful news of people helping each other. Someone posted a google doc where residents can post what they need. Clicking on it, I began to tear-up at the sight of all the requests being filled, including a single mom of three who just got let go from her corporate catering job. She said she’s never had to ask for help, but they’re going to be struggling soon. Next to her name, there were countless entries “Sue sent $20, James sent $40, J sent $100” and on and on.

Another post was about a local group in downtown Medford who will be providing free lunches to school kids while the schools are closed. Because, of course, some kids eat at school and only when at school.

People are posting ideas – If your kids are bored, have them draw pictures for people in nursing homes and then send them to them since many can’t have visitors!

But scary is happening too. Libby told me about a friend’s restaurant which has already closed in FL, and a friend of mine locally had to layoff his whole staff because they have no work for the next month. They’re just trying to figure out how to save his business. Keep it treading water until things improve.

When will they improve? I don’t know. I think it’s only going to get worse for a while.

Someone posted a schedule to help keep some sanity while the whole family is holed-up together…

Everyone was praising it yesterday and sharing it. Today they had been manipulated and shared again, just for some humor…

Ten minutes ago I posted on Facebook “Honestly, guys, ‘never been a better time to be single and child free.” And I’ve already gotten 31 “likes” many in the form of a laughing emoji. Exactly what I was going for.

I do feel for my friends and acquaintances stuck at home with their grubby rugrats.

Yes, I know, all children are beautiful.

I went for a hike with Harlow today and it freed me of some anxiety and stress both virus-related and not. I visited my parents, keeping a good distance from them

Facetiming with friends has been good too. Libby and I chatted about the situation, and she carried her phone around her livingroom to show me the progress she’s making on picking a gray for the walls. Grays are the worst and the best!

Last night I heard a subtle CRASH inside the house. Harlow jumped to her feet and stood on high alert. I wandered the house but found nothing until I went to bed and found that my necklace holder, which is mounting on the bedroom wall, had fallen off. Typically I would find this very annoying but frankly I’m kind of pleased to have a project to take on in the coming days!

Yesterday I went to campus. We will be posting a daily update in BU Today and will need photos to go with them. My editor is great “I don’t want to getting close to people. If you have to shoot empty buildings, that’s fine”

As long as I am well and can do it safely, I will be shooting people too – from six feet away however.

Yesterday I saw some facilities workers through the window of one of our dining halls. I parked the car ad headed in. I put hand sanitizer on before approaching them and learned that they were setting up the dining hall tables for opening on Sunday.

I was super excited to get a shot I’d been envisioning since the hall opened years ago. Looking down on them from the upper balcony, and shooting them in the wide arched space with the big windows.

I really hope I can stay healthy because this is the biggest thing we’ve had happen at BU and documenting it is really important to me. I spoke with the Reverend of Marsh Chapel today. Rev. Dr. Robert Hill is his name, and I am always happy when I run into him on campus. He has a peaceful and warm, but genuine way about him and we always have nice, even deep conversations. When I emailed him to talk about plans for the campus chapel moving forward, he responded that he would call.

He did so today and at the end of our conversation, I thanked him for talking to me and giving me an update amidst all the chaos (he’s been cancelling and rescheduling funerals and weddings and more), and he told me he appreciates me and my work and my efforts, “I’m glad you’re here” he said.

“I’m glad you’re here too”

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