Entering Week Three

My friend Shannon had to bring her dog to the vet last week to have some teeth pulled. As she left she said to the vet “Have a nice weekend!” to which the vet responded “It’s Monday”

And that’s pretty much it in a nutshell. I mean, the safest version. At best we are all confused about what day it is.

Another meeting to discuss the Diversity and Inclusion in University Photography paper that I was asked to help out with.

I went to see Little and our outing was no outing at all. We chatted from a distance and I left a bag of goodies for her – an activity book, some watercolor pencils, some paper, and some written out challenges like “Read a page from the Bad Girls Through History book and paint a photo of that story.

Pretty sure this was the huge meeting where, when someone asked me “what else have you been doing in addition to that kids’ photography class you mentioned on Facebook” I responded with “I’m turning into a pioneer woman, baking bread and sewing!”.
I also have a job that I could have talked about…to my colleagues and my BOSS.
Harlow continues to be good company, getting into the groove of having me around all the time. In her space. She’s good at supervising sandwich construction.
and keeping the yoga mat warm…ish

I got to thinking that with my friends at home with their kids, maybe I can offer something that would give the kids something to do, if only briefly. So I decided I would make videos once a week, for kids to watch. I would try not to make an ass out of myself, try not to frown too much or talk down to my viewers, and then give them an assignment. This first lesson is going to be posted tomorrow on the Cydney Scott Photography Facebook Page

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