Some Funner Things

I use the photo sharing app Instagram a lot. At the bottom left of this blog you can see my IG “feed” – the photos I post on IG. I also post videos on the stories section. When you post a video in IG Stories, your IG visitors can see that little clip. After 24 hours, it disappears. I started recording my and Harlow’s daily life more frequently and sharing on IG since the pandemic started.

Pretty boring maybe, but I put a bunch all together here. A look at our daily life since COVID came into it. COVIDeo. Get it?

One thing I have found since this all started is that I actually don’t mind cooking. It’s not having the energy to do it well that seems to be my problem. Now that I am home all the time, I have more interest in it. I didn’t photograph the meals I’ve made too often, but maybe I’ll start!

I’ve also had lots of distance visits with Mom and Dad, daily video chats with friends, much more mask sewing than is shown in the video, and of course I am continuing, thank goodness, to work for BU. I don’t go out on shoot very often, but I’ll go to take a photo of a subject outside. Like for this story about an associate provost who got sick with COVID, or this student’s account of living on campus (the opening photo is mine).

It’s really nice to go photograph people, even if I have to do it from a distance. It was nice to go to campus and photograph the dean of students hosting the senior breakfast. Typically, the ballroom is completely full of students, but this year the ballroom was empty, and a video crew was there to photograph the dean hosting a zoom breakfast to students at home. Weird experience. (click to view photos)

We also got to share the photos we have been accumulating since this all started. I’m glad it ran, but also feel like the photos are nothing special, simply because I have been looking at them for so long. Many have even run with stories already.


Here are some pics of fun stuff (click to enlarge) and there are some funny memes below these.

Here’s a slideshow of some of my favorite coronavirus jokes (memes)

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