Bun Bun

Last night I was mowing the lawn when I came to a dead baby bunny in the grass. If I’m honest, I’m glad it was dead. I would be so sad if it were suffering. I picked it up and put it in a bag and set it aside.

As I went on to continue mowing, I found where the warren had been, along the side of my carport, and in it, another dead baby. I pulled that little sweetie out and put him with it’s sibling (I had put Harlow inside at this point). I got a rake and began sort of pushing the dead grass, bunny fur, and dirt back into the dug out hole when I saw something move in the tall grass.

It was a little runt…

If I’m being honest I would have held onto it for longer. It’s been a long time since I touched another living thing aside from Harlow!

I quickly Googled what to do and as the video above explains, put her back in there.

This morning I went back outside to check on her and found a curious thing. The baby was gone, but where there had been a dirt hole made by Harlow was now a nicely made and nest. It was so strange, like the mother had come and taken the baby but cleaned up the mess behind her before going. (you can click on the photo below to enlarge it)

Of course, a Google search proved this not to be true – if the internet is to be believed. Mother rabbits do not relocate their young. So I do not know ultimately what happen to the sweet bunny, which is rather sad.

One of my favorites of Dad and I at an ’80s dance fundraiser years ago.

It’s been many years since Harlow discovered a poorly located piece of rabbit real estate, so I’m glad it’s not a very regular thing. When I came back inside after dealing with the bunny situation last night, she clearly knew something was up, as you can see from her trepidation in the video. She may not even remember what she did, and of course, for a dog, it wasn’t wrong! but she knows something’s not quite right. Poor pup.

In other news, today is Father’s Day! I was looking forward to treating my parents to dinner here at my place outside, but there is a threat of rain, and of course they cannot come inside. Fortunately, no one needs to be anywhere tomorrow! So we’ll try and again which will be nice actually because it’s supposed to be cooler out.

I’ve done a lot of work on my garden and my lettuce actually grew! The lettuce will join tomorrow night’s Delayed Dad’s Day Dinner.

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