It’s Raining Bagel Parts

It’s been a while since I’ve experienced a silly life vignette to write about so I’m pleased this happened so I could share something with levity.

I recently noticed that all my grass is turning yellow and I thought Oh, was I supposed to water it or something? Is that a thing?

So yesterday I got out my rake and aggressively starting raking away the dead stuff, so I could lay down some seed and see if I could improve things. Harlow lay on the patio, supervising from a distance.

I’m looking down while I’m raking when suddenly a quarter of a bagel lands at my feet. Meaning, like, half of a half of a bagel. It just appears from the air. I burst out laughing and looked up thinking a squirrel may have dropped it, but I was not beneath a tree. Did they chuck it from a distance? I decide this is unlikely.

Maybe a neighbor threw it? I thought as I looked around, (as though I would catch a neighbor standing on the other side of the fence with three-quarters of a bagel in their hand?) No, because if would have landed much harder I think. This made a dropped landing, not the kind of landing that might result from it being thrown with force. Also, why the hell would someone throw a bagel at me? This was my weakest theory for sure.

I decided that a bird must have been carrying it and it got too heavy or they decided they needed to cut down on carbs so they dropped it.

I left it there for the moment while I kept raking. Knowing I’d get to picking it up eventually.

A few minutes later Harlow ambles up with a body language of a burdened being, picks up the bagel part and and eats it, almost like she’s been hassled with the task of coming all the way over from her resting spot clean-up after me.

Fine I’ll take care of it if you won’t, human.

The whole incident was funny, from the randomness of the landing, to the apathetic reaction from the dog.

I have no photos of this but here are some photos of her from this morning, trying to stay cool and definitely being cute.

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