kNOw Justice kNOw Peace

I have been wanting to make a more social justice-y mural since the Black Lives Matter movement gained more momentum (at least in the eyes of white people. It never lost importance to Black people) back in March when George Floyd was murdered, but I was too reticent to do it.

I wondered how people would react if I made a BLM-driven mural. Would it be vandalized? So far, less than 24 hours after I finished it it has not been touched, but I have heard stories about signs being vandalized in neighboring towns, so I am thoughtful about that.

My neighbor cheered her approval from her porch where she watched me work and a sanitation worker honked the horn of his huge truck and gave me a thumbs-up. Both compliments were appreciated and encouraged me.

As I worked on the fist, I heard an “I LOVE it!”

“I’m so glad!” I answered as I turned to see three big smiles beaming from the windows of a passing car that had slowed down to look and comment. A Black woman behind the wheel, a boy in the front seat and, I believe, a little girl in the back.

I am no longer worried about what anyone else thinks.

2 Replies to “kNOw Justice kNOw Peace”

  1. I love your mural, I‘m sure you have more positive than negative reactions to this, it has to be like this, otherwise we are doomed. We need to believe or know, that there are more good than bad people around us…..🥰Reeli


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