Freedom Trail

When I picked Little up for our outing this past weekend (if you’re confused, I’m back-dating this entry. This outing was in November), she was very quiet. After riding in the car silently for a while, I said “You seem thoughtful” and told her that being quiet was perfectly fine, but that if she wanted to talk about it, I could listen. She just had a grumpy morning, she told me.

Fair enough. I’ve had those too!

We arrived in Boston and found street parking. I’d say this was astounding but I wasn’t surprised. With the pandemic parking has been easy to find.

When we got out of the car I said “Real quick and don’t tell anyone!” and gave her a fast squeeze. She burst out laughing and I could tell it made us both feel better. And she perked right up.

I thought of doing the Freedom Trail because a few weeks back we did a scavenger hunt in Boston and she really loved the history aspect. My plan was to only do half of it, and do the second half another outing. But we got so into it that we nearly finished!

I downloaded a Freedom Trail app and we had a great time following it at our own pace. At one point we saw a tour happening, along with a guide and she said “I thought we were going to be doing that, but this is much better!” I couldn’t agree more. While listening to someone give us the inside scoop along the trail would be interesting, our way made it possible for us to talk all we wanted and listen to the info about the trail as little or as much as we wished.

She was really interested in the history and as we wandered she had lots of questions.

Why is it called The Freedom Trail?

I do not know.

Are they closer if the come by land or by sea?

I do not know (but I guessed)

Why do the leaves turn yellow in fall?

I do not know. (I was really killin’ it in the question answering department. I have some googling to do 😂💯).

We stopped for some takeout pizza in the north end, and had an interesting (age appropriate?) discussion about death brought on by the cemeteries we visited.

“Where do you want to be buried?” she asked me.

“I don’t. I want to be cremated.”


That I could explain!

“Death doesn’t bother me” she told me “it’s just part of life!”

Have I mentioned she’s ten? I’m grateful for these outings as they challenge me to find safe things for us to do which in turn gets me out of the house. With numbers on the rise and weather getting colder, I’m not sure how much longer we’ll be able to do them.

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