I’m 45.

I am forty-five.

I am 45.


It was a very nice day. I morning started with some errand running annoyances including getting my hair done and being non-plussed with the results. The trim was uninspiring and the purple not bright enough. There is a lesson here, stop getting your hair done on your birthday.

Aside from that it was a very nice day. I returned home from errands with boxes of treats on my doorstep courtesy of Libby. I got a call shortly after arriving home that Jen would be stopping by and dropping off a gift – it was. King Arthur Baking Cook Book! Yay!

My brother sent me a text informing me that a surprise delivery was coming. I stepped outside thinking he’d been alerted that something had been delivered, but instead I found him in his car out front! I had thought was was out fo town so this was really nice. We sat and chatted for a while.

In the afternoon, my parents from their house and I from mine had a zoom with my godmother/aunt and uncle in Switzerland. Not many nice things have come from the pandemic, but becoming familiar with video chats and as a result, having more of them is definitely one of them!

In the evening I went to Mom and Dad’s for dinner. We enjoyed a beautiful meal by Mom, and yummy, fudgey cake courtesy of COSTCO, and too many presents. Prior to all that, a zoom with my brother and SIL.

Bootsie, who is in need of having a growth removed from her chest is in shockingly sprightly spirits and it’s so nice to see. It’s a shame the surgeon cannot get to her until later in the month. It understandably makes my parents a bit nervous, but in the meantime she does seem to be pretty comfortable. She even wrestled a bit with Harlow when we went over for a chill Easter breakfast yesterday!

As for Harlow, she takes all her meds if I get them into her using treats. This is tricky since there is such a limit to the treats she can have because of her IBD. So far she has only spit out a few pilled here and there.

My stomach dropped when I called to make an appointment for her and the soonest we could get a virtual oncology consultation was for April 27. Figuring it wouldn’t hurt though, I called every morning to ask if anyone had cancelled. On the second day, we were moved into a spot for April 15 and her vet is satisfied that that is safe enough for her.

I do worry that there will be another long wait between the consult and the next step, which is either using technology to investigate her entire body to see it there is cancer that has spread, or removing the lump (which appears to be non-existent right now). Or maybe both.

In the meantime, I am happy that she is eating more. When we ran out fo the anti-nausea med on the fifth day she promptly stopped eating, making it clear she still feels yucky. I got more, she’s eating again now.

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