Movies. Like Things are Normal!

Little and I went to the movies!

We had a great time together, picking up snacks at cvs to smuggle in (I am not ashamed for teaching her this! What is being a Big for anyway?!) and I buckled under her influence and went for the Cheetos!

“I knew you would go for it!” She laughed when I grabbed them.

We went to see the animated movie Spirit and though it was a bit too immature for her, it was still fun to be back in the movie theater. As we watched the previews, one for Paw Patrol came on. (It’s basically a show for toddlers that’s been made into a movie). As we watched the preview, I found the first puppy to come on the screen to be completely adorable. As though she were reading my mind, Little leaned over and whispered incredulously “Why do I want to see this movie (made for toddlers)?” 😂

When I picked her up, she had gifts for me. One was a beautiful notebook with a gold elephant on it. “Why did you get me gifts, (Little)?”

“I just told Mom I really wanted to get you something” 😭 Thoughtful gift aside, I am continually grateful to have this kind, funny, intelligent, thoughtful human in my life. I hope I can continue to do silly things that will make her laugh and, eventually, embarrass her!

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