A day that includes Little is always a good day! My brother and SIL mentioned Wolf Hollow via text to me a few weeks ago and I did a virtual double take. What?! We can go learn about WOLVES somewhere? When I mentioned this to various friends they all knew about it and I felt left out of a very important secret. What other treasured adventures are they all keeping from me?

Little and I started with a visit to Woodman’s for lunch in Essex. It was a beautiful day to eat outside and try to keep the bees out of her lemonade. We had time to kill and did so meandering an antique store, discovering all kinds of cool things.

The presentation at Wolf Hollow was great, except for the nearby brat who kept climbing all over the benches, causing the bench we were sitting on for an hour to reverberate with every jump. I thought I was just being a child-free jerk until L turned to me with an expression that said “Can you believe this kid? She is prancing on my last nerve!” And I felt better for being irritated. At the ned of the show, the presenter congratulated all the kids because everyone “sat so well for the hour long presentation”, at which point, L mumbled quietly to me “Well, not *everybody* did”.

We’re made for each other, this kid and I.

This gem is from a while back when L came over to watch a movie and Harlow laid on her for the duration.

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