It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year

No big story today, just some catching up!

In late November Little came over and she helped me decorate my tree. It’s much faster with help! We plated some games and I taught her how to build a fire in the fireplace and showed her what a flue is and how it works. The first fire of the season! Her favorite part was roasting marshmallows (Harlow’s was clearly access to sticks indoors). She has perfected the marshmallow torching technique!

I really wanted to do something special this year, so I decided to host a small ornament making party. I thought it was quite brilliant, if you ask me. I had a lot of sun searching for supplies, and I kept the invite list small because OMICRON! I made some good food, including some beautifully decorated cookies made by a client of mine, and everyone had wine and was very merry. I think it was a success!

This past Sunday, Little and I got together again. I’vemade it almost three years without swearing in front of Little.

That ended tonight when I blurted out “Oh god d^*n it!”

Did I slam my hand in a door? Nope. Were we nearly sideswiped in traffic? Nope. Was the brownie in our brownie sundae not nice and warm? YES! I swore over our dessert being not to my satisfaction. Yes, it was a fine Big Sister moment. Way to set an example! Her reaction was pretty classic and I’m sure me blurting out “CRAP! Sorry!” In reaction to my blunder totally made up for it. 😂.

Anyway, we checked out The ZooLights at the Stone Zoo and it was really fun. I’ve never been and you could see how some of the displays have been used since they started this holiday event, which i found equal parts bizarre, outdated, and charming.

We looked into a partially lit holiday village scene and Little notes “there are no driveways. Where do the cars go?” To which I said while pointing “I see a buggy and carriage so I think this is a scene from a long time OH WAIT ARE THOSE MATCHBOX CARS?” Yes, they are. “Well that’s just a weird choice” I criticized, “because those little ceramic humans can’t fit in those cars”

To which Little responded (in the direction of the display makers) “do better!”

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  1. I have been rereading your Scott family history, particularly part 2 about william Waller Scott.
    I looked at the 1850 Slave Schedule and noted that 4 individuals were marked “M” in the column for race! It’s possible that one of these folks might have been Scott’s child and an ancestor of your distant DNA cousin. Who knows?


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