To say the last few weeks have been rough would be an understatement. Unless your head is in the sand (perhaps by choice for the sake of your mental health, in which case, I support that choice – see how i did that? Supported you in making your own choice about what’s best for you? ), you’ve probably been upset too. One thing I am trying to do while feeling the feelings and keeping an ear out for ways to make change is to look for little silver linings every day.

Little is most definitely a bright shining silver lining! I took her kayaking for her first time on Spot Pond. She was really nervous at first but took some deep breaths and brought out her brave. She quickly adjusted, as she always does, and took to the water like a pro. When we were done we went back to my place, gave Harlow some scratches, packed a lunch and headed to Wright’s Pond for a picnic.

Over lunch, I asked her to name some of her friends and then I asked “What do you like about them?”
One was fearless, she said. She doesn’t do anything dangerous, but she’s fearless. The other, she told me, was really kind “he can always tell when I’m feeling off”

I love that she never answers these questions with “They’re really pretty” or “they have nice clothes”. I don’t even have to suggest something like “but are though thoughtful?” because she already knows the importance of character over popularity (really, what a I good for?)

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