More Fun Projects

I recently had some fun with resin and a stool I found at the Goodwill near my office. I’d been thinking of buying and assembling a plant stand – a big elaborate one – in my kitchen near the back tiny window. But then I got to thinking that I may have enough interesting things in the house to bring together to create a plant area.

I painted the stool, bought some fun paper and cut it up, glued it to the stool seat and then poured resin over it. It was so fun to do.

I then went to my basement where I found a lovely shelf Mom had painted years ago. It was in rough shape, so I scrubbed the rust off the brackets and did some repainting.

Then I thought about the child sized chair I bought years ago. I had painted it pale yellow and gray, but aside from being really pretty and cute, I hadn’t found a good use for it. I used the stool’s color palette to repaint the little chair.

I knew I wanted to hang the shelf, but what did I want to do with he tiny chair? I decided hanging it would be cool. It has a perfectly flat back, which makes it great for hanging, and then I could hang plants from it’s little rungs. But, then it seemed I couldn’t figure out how to compose these two elements to work on the wall. Until my friends came over for a monthly dinner and provided a fresh set of eyes. “What about right under the shelf?” Amanda suggested.

Bingo! Perfect.

Over two visits, Dad helped me figure out how to make it happen. Today and last night have been record breaking cold, and today Dad came over to help me finish the project, and Mom came along for a visit. I was grateful she took some pictures!

Here’s the final look! Now to fill it with the right plants (and maybe acquire a plant light!)

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