Boda Borg!

Yesterday, in celebration of Little’s THIRTEENTH birthday, I took her and her cousin, M to explore Boda Borg in Malden (photos of M posted with permission).

Never heard of it? Neither had I until a few months ago, and even though their website read “Questing at Boda Borg is the “DIY” version of movies, books, and video games! Your team of 3-5 people attempt to move through (conquer) real-life experiences we call Questing. You will face a variety of mental and physical challenges at Boda Borg locations, where success in the first challenge means entry into the next. If you fail (and you will fail most of the time!) you have to start all over again or choose another Quest.” we still didn’t have any clue what we were in for.

The place was HUGE and had at least thirty quest rooms to enter, all of which required teamwork. The place was mobbed and even though we lost basically every time, we really did have an absolute blast trying to figure out the challenges! One of the few times we did, in fact, figure out a challenge was because some very young kids gave us a hint (well basically they told us how to do it). 😂

But when we did get one of the quests right, the unbridled squeals of victory from L and M made all the previous fails worth it.

As we headed out to the car after two hours of questing, I told M, “This is pretty typical of L and I. We often go into our outings having no clue what we’re getting in to!”
To which Little chimed in with good humor “Literally no idea!”

Yesterday was snowy and rainy, and in many ways I just wanted to stay home. I’m glad I rallied though. Not only is it part of my role to do so for Little, but I felt much better after spending time out with the two of them, trying something new!

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