Sassy Flight Attendants

Now back in Boston, I came across some notes I’d made during my flight down to Florida last week. So I wanted to share the little story they reminded me of.

I’ve had mediocre luck with Spirit Air in the past, but since they offered cheap direct flights to Palm Beach International, they were my option this time around. The seats don’t lean back, there’s no TV, the tray tables are the size of a Kindle, and the leg room sucks, but the flight attendant announcement was amusing. Not, like, makes up for the baggage fee and the need for you to print out your boarding pass yourself, but funny amusing.

While going through the safety riggamaroll, I heard the announcer say in a silky voice that once we were in the air, the “light will be lowered to enhance the appearance of our flight attendants”

When explaining how the inflatable flotation device work, the voice provided a handy fashion tip by telling us that the device first goes over your head, then you wrap the belt from the device around you to “accentuate your curves”.

She then mentioned something I didn’t hear, but it was with regard to special services and their cost, and she ended her presentation with “Let’s face it if you had that kind of money you’d be poppin’ bottles in first class on a Delta flight”

She got a round of applause.

The view from my window during my return flight to Boston
A happy face to see!

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