It’s All About Perspective

When I would complain about things that felt trivial and said as much, my (now ex)boyfriend would respond, “It’s all about perspective” or something of that nature. Meaning, that it might seem trivial, but if it bothers me, it bothers me. Alternatively, the problems of others might seem totally stupid compared to mine. Perspective.

I feel that we are coming into a lot of perspective these days. Messaging with Libby yesterday, she was understandably distraught about the latest developments regarding Sessions and Russia.  I was not – and still am not- phased by this news. She was shocked. I was not. Not only are we talking about a politician, but we’re talking about a rich white, male politician. The layers of privilege are many. The depth of arrogance is deep.

I like that she wants to believe that people can’t be this shitty, lying one minute and trying to weasel out of their lies the next. I just don’t feel the same way. Also, I feel really strongly about taking my Stuff to Be Angry About in doses, so it’s not uncommon for me to brush right over anything political that comes up in my various news feeds for the sake of my sanity and personal peace.

Not all politicians are awful. It’s just that the 45th president has managed to find all the awful ones and them put them in positions of power. People try and apply JK Rowling’s Harry Potter world to every little thing but seriously, in this instance, we are being led by a gaggle of dark wizards. The comparison applies. For real this time.

Now where the hell is the sign-up sheet for Dumbledore’s Army?

After the conversation I got to thinking about leaders of the past, and how the behavior of our current White Supremecist House almost makes George W. Bush a guy I want to hang out with. Apparently I’m not alone. I never thought I would see a clip of George W and actually stop to watch. Maybe even agree with something he says. We are talking about GEORGE W. BUSH. I loathed him back when he was in office. Now he seems like a kitten I wouldn’t mind feeding if I had to when a friend left town and asked me to check in on him.

And then there’s Clinton. What a fuss was made over a stain on a dress and him being cornered and lying, “I did not have sex with that woman!” Seems like chump-change now, right (I say this assuming it was consensual, which I believe it was determined to be)?

We are all in one giant abusive relationship. Every time our gov’t does something outrageous, we’re like “That’s awful!”, and then a bit of time goes by, we settle into the awful, and while it’s still awful the shock factor fades a bit. Then something else comes along and we’re like “That’s WAY worse than that last thing!” all up in arms. Until we adjust again. Because until our postcards and protests, speaking up and acting out makes a difference, all we can do is acclimate for our own sanity.


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