If My Dog Could Talk

After work tonight I took Harlow to a new area of the Fells for a walk. She’d never been there before and the excitement of a new location was almost more than she could bear.

If she could talk, I’m pretty sure much of the conversation would have been something like this…

“What’s THAT?!” (pulling on leash)

“What’s wha-”

“It’s a squirrel! It’s a SQUIRREL, Mom, I know it is!”

“Harlow, that’s not a squirrel”

“Yes, it is! I’m sure of it!”

“No, it’s a stick, sweet g-”

SQUIRREL!…let’s go see!” (pulls harder on leash)

“OK, we’re headed that way anyway.”

“See I told you! It’s a…”

“…A stick…It’s a stick, little girl”

“Oh, you’re right” (dog sighs) “It is a stick”

“Told you…”

“What’s THAT!? It’s a BIRD! C’mon!” (gets yanked in other new direction)



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