Nightmares and Puppies

I woke at the ungodly hour of 4 this morning after a bad dream. Once awake, I made the mistake of picking up my phone. The story I have been working on for months and months was running today in BU Today and I was curious to see how it looked.

And then I was awake. Exhausted, but awake. So I made my way downstairs to the couch

Good company for insomnia

where I watched some Downton Abbey with Harlow draped over my legs until it was time to get up and ready for the day.

Working with Lise and Gem on this story has been a real gift. It feels like forever since I have worked on a story that I found myself and so enjoyed working on. A true picture story. Lise was a pleasure to work with and she gave me such wonderful access to her and Gem’s life together. I’m really grateful for it.

I emailed Lise in the wee hours of the morning, sharing the link tot he story with her, and confessing that I was obsessing over every word

Her response was more than appreciated “hahahah no don’t obsess, it’s perfect!!  i love it.  A lot of my friends are sending me texts saying they’re reading it and crying.  It’s great, thanks for doing such a great job and representing my life with gem so well, it’s truly been a gift.  <3″


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