New Patio (updated)!

Since I bought my house in 2011, I have been trying to figure out what to do with the strange raised bed in my backyard.

Set off my patio, it has a set of stairs leading up to its dirt surface. For a while grass grew there, but it was difficult to mow since there wasn’t a convenient way to get the mower up there. For a time I had some herbs growing there, but that didn’t prove to have much longevity either.

In addition to the difficulty that existed in maintaining it, it was the perfect place for Harlow to collect mud to bring back into the house. It was also the first place she runs to in the morning to chase after birds, and makes for the perfect launching pad to set out to other areas of the yard in pursuit of other creatures, so planting a real garden there wouldn’t last unless I surrounded it with a big fence to keep her out.

A month or so ago, I finally committed to doing something about it. I was really excited when the worker showed up Monday morning.

No more weeding, no more mowing, no more mud collection! This will now be where I will place my fire pit.

Monday morning…

Monday afternoon…

Tuesday afternoon!

(Humble brag alert – I’m very proud that I repaired the front corner of the retaining wall all by myself!
I thought Harlow would be thrown by it, but she likes it just fine!

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