To say I am frazzled these days is an understatment. Where to begin. It’s all very hectic and not hectic all at once.

I have a lot on my plate at work – scheduling assignments, scheduling participants in the Ugly Sweater Contest photo shoot, supervising the students who are shooting for us but also dealing with the end of semester stress, and tonight I have a huge shoot from 5:30 to 10. It’s the opening gala of a new theater here on campus, and I think the fact that it’s later in the day has me rattled, but also that it’s a new event, a new space I’m not totally familiar with, and a lot is expected from the coverage (lots of trustees and donors in attendance). It’s nothing I’m not capable to handling, it’s just a bit stressful. I’ve been dreading it for weeks, to be honest.

I have Cydney Scott Photography clients coming out of the woodwork because they just realized they need photos for Christmas cards. So my weekends are full with work too.

Last weekend I noticed that my sink began to drain slower than normal in the kitchen. When I ran the disposal it was fine, but left to its own draining, it backed up. I went downstairs for something and discovered a pipe leaking in the basement as well, and figured out the two were connected.

I contacted my new plumber to told me he’s swamped and to call a drain company that he recommended. The drain company came on Tuesday morning and snaked the pipes. Back-up solved, but the pipes in the basement?  “You need a plumber for that” he told me. And that was clear since giving the pipe a slight tug caused it to disconnect completely at the joint!

Meanwhile I finally set-up an appointment to have my electrician come this morning to install a new wifi thermostat. He arrived at 8AM, which I was not excited about because I have such a long day (even though I don’t seem capable if sleeping in anymore anyway). When my electrician took a look and assessed, he let me know that my heating system uses millivolts and is not compatible with the thermostat I bought. After he left, I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out where I’d bought it (through Massave it turns out). Hopefully I can return it!

Monday I came home from work very late and pulled up in front of my house, leaving the headlights on and the keys in the car so I could bring the lawn bags out onto the curb for pick-up in the morning. It took no more than five minutes, but when I returned to the car, it wouldn’t start! I left it at the curb for about an hour and went back out in my pajamas and it started just fine. I thought I should drive it around the neighborhood, but decided to take my chances because I was having the kind of week where I could very well break down in my neighborhood and have to walk home in my elephant printed PJs!

Somewhere in there I broke a bowl that I love and bought while in Barcelona last year, but I did get my new insulin pump in the mail which is great! Even better is that it’s covered by insurance, and once the continuous glucose monitoring system comes in (on back order I believe) that’s covered too!

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